Infinite depth of field

This image explains why I have been searching for a small, pocketable camera – in other words, a point & shoot – that I can use as a snapshot device, but that has the possibility of isolating the subject from the rest of the photo. This could have been a great image if I had the luxury of selective focusing coupled to a narrow depth of field.

This image was shot with a Canon A720IS I picked up for almost nothing, and it produces reasonable, no, make that excellent images, considering the drawbacks that simply stem from small sensor physics. It also boasts 8 megapixels, a 6x optical zoom range, and in-lens image stabilisation, so it’s a goer in the specifications arms race. This image started as a JPEG, and has been treated with Topaz Adjust to sharpen it and increase the contrast, and then selectively toned to a B&W image. Imagine how it might have looked shot at say, f2.8 on 4/3 or bigger sensor.
Oh well.


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