Andrew David Same, in memorium, 1977

Shot on a Nikkor 50mm lens, with 125 ASA film, at f2. This is what available darkness is all about. Buy prime lens glass as fast as you can afford, and don’t make the mistake of ever selling them.



  1. I constantly come and looked over with big interest. This is as clear as day to myself that writer is reasonably knowledgable in market. Awesome graphics theme as well,painless on my tired sight. Moreover I am debating on the subject of acquiring canon dslr and also had been looking to take note of few thoughts if anyone right here is an well trained in digital photography. Have a magnificent day. pardon my language ,im definitely not native speaker

  2. Hi Moriah – Buy a full-frame camera if you can afford it for several reasons:

    – It will satisfy your creative vision – pictures will actually turn out as you want them to;
    – The viewfinder is much, much better;
    – It uses lenses as they were designed to be optically;
    – It will last you longer than a succession of compromise small sensor cameras making it better value in the long run; and
    – The low light performance is the best you will get.

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