The benefits of a large sensor become apparent here. Long exposure plus high ISO = noise on small sensors. Not with a full-frame as found in the Canon 5D. I just love shooting “available darkness”, especially with a great lens such as the 15mm. I got the creeps shooting from this spot, too many weirdo arrivals in cars looking for a hookup…

I had planned to make this a HDR, but car headlights on the dam wall were a problem, so I went for a single shot with what seemed to me to be a balance of exposure. It was so dark that I couldn’t see the bottom of the original frame through the viewfinder. Next time I will take a torch.

My images are dominated by three central principles when I get serious: (1) as Ernst Haas advised, “The best wide angle lens? Two steps backwards”, (2) the photojournalists adage of “f8 and be there….” and (3) visualise first, shoot second. The best camera is the one behind your eyes.

Canon 5D, 15mm fisheye, 30 seconds, f5, 400 ISO


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