Yashica Electro 35 GT

Let me introduce you to the beautiful Yashica Electro 35 GT camera. In lineage, this is directly related to the Lynx 14E I covered a few days ago in this column.

This is one of the prettiest cameras that I own. It is just like every other Electro 35, in that it has an exceptionally good Color Yashinon 45mm f1.7 lens – a Planar derivative – that can take some of the sharpest images you have ever seen. It has aperture priority, with electronically goverend shutter speeds, hence the “electro” label.

It had the usual run of issues needing to be fixed – the infamous “pad of death”, the usual battery box corrosion issues, and a foggy viewfinder, all now fixed.

The garden chrome version was called the GS, whereas the GT is the black version. Other than a couple of bits fabricated in plastic rather than painted metal, it is the same as the GS. It just goes faster.



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