The verdict is in – the Powershot IS a serious street photography tool, and fishermen prefer beer at breakfast

I have helped this image along a fair bit from its original state:

. rotated it to straighten the horizon;
. removed barrel distortion;
. added about 50% more sea;
. toned the sky to get some clouds happening; and
. enhanced its original dull state with Topaz Adjust 4.

So, after the past few images from my loathed toy camera have been examined, I submit that Infinite depth of field does have its benefits – especially as a street camera. It has lineage with the Informatics of yesteryear, but has much, much better IQ.

So for the wrap-up. I am seriously impressed by this cheap little wonder, but it does have its limitations. I guess the secret to P&S happiness is to understand them, and use them to your advantage.

On a side issue, looking at the drinks visible in this image, the score is: Victoria Bitter (beer) -1; James Boag (beer) – 1; Mother (energy drink) – 1; Powerade (electrolyte) – 1. Beer wins as the fisherman’s choice in the early morning.


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