f1.2 by f1.4

Tomioka 55mm f1.2 , digital Pen

A cheap M42 screw adapter to M4/3 more than quintuples my retro lens choices for the Digital Pen.

I am torn between my venerable Canon 50mm f1.2 and this monster, the fastest lens ever released in an M42 (Pentax screw) mount.

Let me introduce you to the Chinon-branded, Tomioka-made bokeh king. On the Digital Pen it is a 110mm equivalent, allowing one to shoot things in the dark at 6400 ISO that one can’t even see. Focusing is an issue, but so what? I love it. Stopped down, it becomes pretty sharp.

This brings to mind Kubrick’s brilliant “Barry Lyndon”, where a Zeiss 50mm f0.7 lens was used for candlelit scenes, with light levels of literally only 3 candlepower. Depth of field was non-existent, but it just added to the intensity and luminosity of the movie.

Here is a 5 shot available darkness panorama shot at 3200 ISO @ f1.2 and 1/4 second, with a guess at focus, as it was bloody dark!

Darkness Pano

I like the possibilities.

Oh, the leader image of the f1.2 Tomioka was shot on a Canon f1.4 mm


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