Olympus Pen Firmware – Version 1.1 / 1.4 Update

I have been following the story of the digital Pen firmware updates on the web for a while. Having updated my E-P2 to version 1.1 last night (on the day this firmware was released) I must say that the Pen focuses pretty quickly. I am guessing, but it feels as though the delay has dropped from more than 1 second to under half a second with the kit zoom lens. The camera is nice and responsive now, but of course any further speed improvements will only keep improving things.

I don’t like Olympus’ approach to the firmware update process, though. Here’s why:

1) The Olympus Master Software through which the firmware is acquired and the upgrade performed has a horribly unresponsive GUI interface. It often crashes, and bleed through from Windows beneath suggests that it is poorly programmed. (Yes, I do have adequate resources and bandwidth. I run Windows 7 on an 8 Gb dual-core machine.)

2) It is a one-way process – once updated, there seems to be no way back.

3) The Olympus Master Software takes an absolute age to acquire the firmware over the web. One can think that the process has stalled, as there is no progress indicator suggesting the activity still remaining. If you are silly enough to interfere in the process, you can kill the camera.

Perhaps Olympus should allow its user base to download and update firmware in a similar manner to that adopted by Canon, where the users feels as though they are in full control of the process.


One comment

  1. I can only agree with this, furthermore I tried to update the ep 1 and spend hours with it due to this slow process and still not working. I called the customer service here in the Netherlands but got no where else than to send the camera to the repair service. That takes up to 15 working days, so 3 weeks.
    The girl at the “help” desk had to go and ask others for answers several times and left me waiting with an expensive connection. This “help” was not helpful at all.

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