Alone together

These people might have thought that they were sharing a private moment, but the wonderfulness of low-light noir photography at 1600 ISO allowed us to join them in their perfect symmetry. Actually, it was incredibly noisy. This is Darling Harbour, the night before Australia Day, so there was a fireworks practice run occurring. Privacy is a rare commodity in the center of Australia’s largest city.

Here is the original – it was hard to see, let alone focus properly:

The Canon 5D is a brilliant low light tool, but in this case it was let down by my poor choice of lens. I had been at Luna Park all day with my family, so I only took 1 lens – the Canon 24-105mm L. A brilliant walk-around lens during the day, it is too slow really for available light duty at f4. I should have been carrying some really fast prime glass.

  • The B&W version was processed as follows:
  • adjust the exposure in Photoshop
  • crop to a better 3×2 layout to center them
  • pull process +1 mono simulation
  • sharpen the body outlines just a bit to counter the movement at the shutter speed of 1/13 second that I used

and that’s it.


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