I was photographing the morning landings of some hot air balloons across the road from my house, having taken the camera bag I used at my daughter’s soccer match on Saturday. I had a poor selection of lenses (of course) and so I used the 500mm Tamron SP mirror lens. Almost in the same spot as where a balloon was to land there was a small group flying remote control airplanes. The shot above shows them “buzzing” themselves. The planes were attacked by some Peewee birds who regarded them as a threat:

I was amazed that they kept on flying these balloon destroyers up until about two minutes before the balloons landed – I would have been glad of such a long lens if one had put a hole in a balloon in flight…

The last image presented was shot using a Canon 135mm f2 L lens. The clarity, contrast and colour are outstanding. Enlarged, you can clearly see the boy in the red carrying the plane.


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