Contré-jour with a P&S

More deliberations from the point & shoot front. I saw this about to happen on the way home tonight, and I actually happened to have a camera in the car, a most unusual event for me these days. A quick grab shot, I could only get one off as the focus is so excruciatingly slow. But, as the old adage goes, any camera is infinitely better than no camera….

Contré jour seems to present few problems to the S1000fd.

Here’s another one to prove the point:

To illustrate the strengths of this small wonder (yes, it is growing on me as I examine the first shots I have taken using it), the next shot is straight out of the camera with zero processing, only re-sized down to fit the blog, to illustrate the quality of the lens and sensor combination- This was shot at 1/400 @ f4, 100 ISO, with the Fujinon 12x zoom lens in its middle range, against the light.

I am impressed. The sensor size on this small marvel is 1/2.3 ” (6.16 x 4.62 mm, 0.28 cm²), boasts 10 million pixels, and has a pixel density of 35 MP/cm². My Canon 5D (12.8 million pixels, 15.2 cm² sensor) has a density of 0.842 MP/cm². They always say that Fuji is able to do special things with such a tiny sensor size. and now I can see why.

The final image is a portrait of this tiny, complex marvel – compare the size against my hand – remember, it sports a massive, complex 12x f2.8 zoom lens. Some reviews are critical because this camera doesn’t sport image stabilisation, yes a pity, but it’s not the end of the world and doesn’t mean this is no good – you just have to be a little more thoughtful when taking a shot, and that’s never a bad thing.


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