Dead centre

This is what the insides of a small but extremely important data centre looks like after it has been decomissioned. From its formerly orderly mechanical glory, with a row of expensive racks lined up, shoulder-to-shoulder like stormtroopers waiting for their orders, this room has degenerated into a, ah, well, a mess in just a year.  Boxes of crap everywhere, old desktop computers being wiped, a data cable snake from underfloor that has mysteriously migrated onto the top of a rack, waiting for a victim to consume….

Believe it or not, until about a year ago when I pulled the plug on it, this room would have been the busiest data centre in Australia last night, earning its keep for one of the heaviest day’s loads in the calendar.

I like the silence, the stillness portrayed in this photo, not a soul about but looking like a computer room in a modern day Flying Dutchman, where frenzied activity has just stopped and no-one is around to tell the tale of what catastrophe happenned.

Processing story – P&S camera, 28mm lens cropped and adjusted to straighten up the tilted lines resulting from squinting at the screen (always happens!), Lucis to crisp things up, Photoshop Smart Sharpen, converted to B&W by adjusting channels, and given a cool tone to make it look industrial.


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