DIY strobe reflectors

I found and followed this link for instructions on making cheap and cheerful collapsible reflectors for my strobes:

The cost about $5 each and take about 10 minutes to make. In a word – recommended.

The word is that these produce nice soft lighting at very low cost, are quick to makeas they only involve minimal measuring and cutting, plus are stapled together (I made 2 in less than 30 minutes), and best of all are flat and flexible to put into a gear bag, occupying almost zero space.

Update – Having now tested them, they produce nice soft light, far better than from using a plastic diffuser on the flash head. Much cheaper too – do my international readers know that a Stofen OmniBounce costs 40 bucks in the Land of Oz – and that’s with dollar parity with the USA…

So, I am changing my rating to ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED.

I now need to make 2 more – I have the velcro and interfacing stiffener, plus two more white foam sheets, but the local craft shop has no black foam for another 10 days, sigh.  I now need to sort out my stand heads…


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