The Olympus 35 RC – “Richard”

My previous blog post noted that one of my first cameras was the diminutive Olympus 35 RC, known the world over with a degree of familiarity as the “Richard” by Olympus fans. Here it is:

I can’t remember when I bought this beautiful little shooter, but it would have been around 1975 or 76. I remember paying for it vividly, as my student income at the time was $65 a month and it made a big dent in my cash flow…

I am glad I have kept it, and it still works perfectly, even the door light seals are in great shape. This RC model is about 5% smaller all around than the 35 DC I have featured recently, with angled instead of rounder body contours, making this a very pretty unit.  The Zuiko 5 element f2.8 lens is great, and the whole kit is small enough to stuff into a pocket. As well as aperture priority, it even has complete manual control options, with the top deck mounted shutter speed control providing a great degree of familiarity to SLR users. I think that’s why I might have bought it in the first place. Just like the DC model, it has exposure information in the viewfinder, only this time at the top and bottom of the finder. Photographing this is a challenge, and so I present a composite to give you the idea of what the finder looks like on this model:

My opinion:  3 1/2 /5 –  Recommended


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